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Bus Blinds

In 1914 the Greyhound Bus Company started out with one bus that carried only seven passengers. 101 years later the long distance bus company stops at 3700 destinations across America; its name, logo and motto ‘Proud to serve America. Go greyhound and leave the driving to us’ have become a part of American popular culture. Greyhound buses have featured in countless movies, books and magazine articles and were made famous worldwide by Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel ‘On the Road’

Chicago subway art, destination print

Chicago Multi-Font style

And of course the famous yellow school bus has carried children to and from school every day for many years, featuring in countless movies and TV series. But it’s not just these two famous American bus systems that hold a place in the hearts of the American citizens. Local city bus routes have transported millions of Americans to work, schools, bars and parks for over one hundred years.

This love of the bus system and the fond memories that it induces have inspired a generation of Americans to turn this into an art in the form of vintage bus blinds and destination signs printed on canvas and hung on the walls of American homes all over the country.

Customsubwaysigns.com and its catalogue of prints were designed specifically to bring vintage bus blinds and destination signs to the whole of the United States.

Vintage Bus Blinds Art

Customsubwaysigns.com prides its self on providing only quality destination signs art, printed on 100% cotton canvas and delivered to any home in America. From the bus route to Coney Island to the New Jersey bus route we have designs that will look great in any American home. If you can’t find something to suit you simply design your own destination sign art with our very easy-to-use ordering system; you can make personalised vintage bus blinds to hang in your home or give as an unforgettable personalised gift suitable for all occasions. With our vast array of designs you can choose the size, style, colour and even text for your personalised destinations signs art. You can even choose our express delivery package which will have your piece of destination signs art delivered to your home in just three working days. If you would like to know more please Visit our site.

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