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Custom Subway Signs

brooklyn subway scroll

We are the original bus, tram & subway destination sign company offering the very best quality of canvas, inks and timber at the lowest prices for comparable quality. We offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA.

customsubwaysigns.com specializes in replica tram, bus & subway scrolls of various ages from 1920 to 1960 from around the world, we have a large collection with destinations across all of The USA, Europe & Australia and many other worldwide locations. We offer 3 standard sizes with a variety of different finishes and color schemes. The destination signs are available in black & white (the most popular color scheme), beige and brown, Pastel Blue, Navy Blue & the ‘Multi-coloured replica scrolls or for the true vintage connoisseur offer a ‘weathered’ version that is as close as we can get it to looking like an original tram & bus destination signs. Have a look at these on the gallery page. There are also 3 different styles, the centred and underlined text (see the Fitzroy scroll to the left) and non-underlined, full -line (see the Glenelg scroll above) and also a modern contemporary version with font in varying sizes.


To further help keep the vintage feel we use a course 100% cotton canvas giving the canvas of the subway signs a rougher look and feel, don’t be disappointed by buying one of the lower quality poly-cotton, plasticy destination canvas rolls that are being sold.

Choose from our large range of tram and bus destination blinds, then email your selection to us and we will carefully print, frame and laminate your canvas print within 5 working days or sooner.

Alternatively you can design your own tram, bus & subway destination scroll by selecting the size, colour and style you like then email us at info@customsubwaysigns.com with the text you would like such as the towns / stops in the order you want them. We only charge an extra $30 for this service!

We offer 100% FREE SHIPPING on all our tram and bus signs anywhere in the USA. No conditions.

We offer unbeatable prices and premium quality. We print using the best wide format printers in the market and always use UV resistant inks meaning that your Subway destinaton art, once printed will still look good in 70 years! The canvas is then stretched over a premium kiln dried wooden frame and laminated with archival artist’s invisible laminate to prevent the ink from scratching.

100% cotton canvas

This close up of one of our destination signs / subway rolls shows the quality of the canvas, we use 100% cotton canvas, intentionally maintaining a rougher feel to the canvas texture to maintain the vintage feel of the scroll. This cotton canvas helps the Destination Bus roll to look and feel like an original vintage bus blind / scroll.

Every effort is made to make sure our tram and bus rolls are striking in every way. We use a font type that looks like the originals and our canvas is kept as raw as possible.

Our bus roll collection includes a variety of font colors, in addition to the egg shell white seen here we also offer a cream / beige font to add a weathered feel to the scroll.

We offer at least 3 styles, the one seen to the left here is the original, full-line style in egg shell white and is the most popular.

Contact us at info@customsubwaysigns.com if you have any specific questions or requirements that we haven’t mentioned here.

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